Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump- Best Professional

Ranked 1st by many hospitals and mothers, Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump is the best professional-grade double electric pump. As an upgraded version of the popular Pump in Style Original, it retains the many attractive features while adding a backpack version and several shoulder bag options. Designed for mothers who pump several times a day; be it the return-to-work moms or the full-time-home moms, it has the state-of-the art hospital technology. With a reputation as ‘The’ breast pump, it is clean & safe, quick & efficient, stylish & reusable, convenient & mobile, comfortable, easy to clean and has ample storage.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

The Advantages

1) Clean & Safe
- There is a ‘clean work surface’ included in this pack.
- All the bottles and breast pump kit are 100% Bisphenol (BPA) free.

2) Ample storage
- The mesh pockets on the side of the pump are good for storing the tubing and AC adapter.
- Too cluttered? The two mesh storage pouches are also ideal for easy organization for your personal items (e.g. hand phones, etc.)
- The shoulder bag has a roomy interior to include everything needed for easy pumping.

3) Quick & Efficient
- Using advanced hospital pump technology, this reduces pumping time tremendously.
- The two-phase expression system is not just comfy but very quick too. It can pump more milk in less time.
- Some moms have pumped 12 oz in 25 minutes or if you’re in a hurry, you can pump both sides for just around 10 minutes which should suffice to feed your baby.

4) Convenient & Mobile
- Always on-the- go? Use the battery pack in padded cases. (8 ‘AA’ batteries needed)
- All parts are removable including motor and cooler (keeps your milk cool for 12 hours) for ultimately flexibility.
- Use it to maintain your milk supply even if you’re away from home for a few days at a time.
- Fancy a removable work surface? This kit has it all!

5) Comfortable
- With the two-phase expression system, it mimics your baby’s natural nursing rhythm.
- Not feeling comfortable with a particular setting? Feel free to adjust the speed/vacuum until you find the one that maximizes your comfort.
- This model allows a gentler transition. While the Let-down Mode simulates your baby’s initial rapid suckling for faster milk flow, the expression mode is an exact replica of your baby’s slower, deeper suckling for maximum milk flow in less time.

6) Stylish & Reusable
- It’s an all-in-one bag.
- Perfect companion as a travel, work or diaper bag.
- Not pumping anymore? Don’t throw the bag away! It has received lots of compliments as a trendy carrying bag.

7) Easy Clean Up
- No time to clean it ever so slowly and gently? No worries.
- Durable and stain resistant, your mind can rest at ease.

The Disadvantages

1) Cumbersome Bag
- This is the biggest complaint that most moms have.
- Heavy and unwieldy, the bag is not user friendly.
- Additionally, the flap does not hang neatly and there is no closure to keep it from flying open. When the bag contains all the pump parts, the flap rests on top and does not fold over. This is because there is no button or latch to keep it close. As such, there might be moments of embarrassment when the bag falls apart in public.
- Moreover, some moms find that the strip lacks grip as it slips quite often from the shoulders. This can be quite frustrating at times too.

Thus in retrospect, Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump is a fantastic buy if you can afford it. As the best professional-grade double electric pump, it is clean & safe, quick & efficient, stylish & reusable, convenient & mobile, comfortable, easy to clean and has ample storage. As of yet, there are no complaints regarding the pump per se, which is vital since the most important feature when you’re buying a breast pump is the effectiveness of the pump. However, you might want to buy a different bag which has a better design in terms of usability. 

Instead of buying formula as a substitute, why not save up and when you have a stronger financial resource to meet the price range of $244.5 and $329.99, purchase it. Medela Pump in style Advanced Breast Pump is definitely a go-ahead for the full-time working and/or full-time nursing mom. With it, you can nurse your baby full time at such ease even when you’re working full time.

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